Color Ring Rental Program Banner

Need help picking a color? Loan a color ring before you buy. It's easy! No more second guessing colors. We understand finding the right color could be hard. With our Color Ring Rental Program, you can rent a color ring of your choice. Introducing our 3R's in our Color Ring Rental Program: Rent the ring, Rock the style, and Return the ring.

Rent the Ring

Simply purchase the color ring with the color that you want to look up. We carry color rings from all of the vendors that we offer on our site. We will then charge and ship the color ring to you. Once you receive your color ring, you can check on which color actually match your desire.

Rock the Style

After which, simply purchase the wigs and/or hair pieces that you want in the correct color. Simply wait until your products arrive and once they do, proudly show them off to your friends and family.

Return the Ring

Return the color ring to us. You have 10 business days to return it to us (counted since the ring is received). You can return it after you receive your products, but to make sure that we receive it within 10 business days, we suggest that you return as soon as possible after ordering your products.

It is as simple as that! Once we receive your color ring back in its original condition and verify that there are no missing swatches, you will have two options on how to receive the money back.

OPTION 1: We will issue you a store gift card covering the cost of the color ring plus $5 (as your shipping fee). Our store gift card will be emailed to you with your unique promo code attached.

OPTION 2: If you decide to receive your money back as original payment method, we would be able to do that as well. However, won't be able to give you the $5 shipping fee.

Simply let us know of the method that you prefer. If we still have not received the color ring back after the 10 business days of the receipt, the color ring is yours to keep—we will consider it purchased. This color ring rental program is for US customers only.